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Growing Talent in the Health and Life Sciences Sectors

Health and Life Sciences

18th April 2023

A wonderful walk from the car park to SA Catapult, along the perimeter of Diamond Light Source will have enthused the delegates for an insightful morning of insights from Lorna McInroy, Moderna, Adrian Hill from UKRI-STFC and Bridget Partridge from JLL.

The speakers covered a broad range of needs from Moderna opening a new site on Harwell, everything from cleaners and security to experienced scientists. Adrian looked at the current positives for Harwell Campus though covered the challenges, which fed into Bridget’s speech around geographical costs regarding transport and local costs for both the expense of local housing and more pointedly, price per square metre of building new facilities for facilities of all sizes, whether an established business or a start up.

The LSIP team were able to gather plenty of information for the first draft of our reporting.

Our thanks sent to all involved.

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